Unitatea 6. Pesticide. Creșterea gradului de conștientizare. Convențiile internaționale

The presentation has the purpose to acquaint with the process of awareness rising of the common public and of the professional societies about the controversial benefits of application of pesticides, in agriculture, in the gardens and at home. At present nobody argues the benefits of pesticides: the progress in pest control and plant disease vectors, which leads to manifold increase of agricultural production, or the success in eradication of parasite-borne health- and life-threatening diseases. Alongside with these achievements of mankind, a gradual understanding and knowledge about the toxic effects of pesticides on the human health, environment and biodiversity appeared. Historically, the progress in awareness rising was fostered first by the fate of honey bees and secondly by the fate of birds. The first scientist, who documented in 1962 the progress of environmental pollution was Rachel Carson in her book "Silent Spring". 

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