Unitatea 4. Stocuri învechite de pesticide.

The inventory is an accurate record of the pesticides in stocks, enabling us to determine, which products should be categorised as obsolete pesticides, and which are usable. An inventory should be reliable as it is the solid basis for planning, budgeting and executing removal activity, which determine the identity of the contaminant, its proximity to people and to the environment. It should be based on actual field data, gathered at every site, where stocks exist. The collected information should then be inserted in the Pesticide Stock Management System (PSMS), a web-based application, developed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) used to record, monitor and manage stock of pesticides, including obsoletes. Cleanup and safe disposal of obsolete pesticides have high costs therefore the interventions must be prioritised on the basis of a detailed inventory of pesticide stockpiles and contaminated sites. 

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