Unitatea 2. Pesticide definiție și terminologie

This presentation has the purpose to acquaint with the basic definitions and terminology, connected to pesticides. The primary definitions explane what is a pesticide, the classification of pesticide types, depending on the pest, which they destroy; and depending on the chemical involved in their production. Defined are the different kinds of pesticide preparations and their trading forms, as: water soluble powder, wettable powder, water soluble or water emulsion concentrate, granulates and dust. A special place has the definitions, which are used for the different routes of entry of pesticides in the human body, as the respiratory route, the route of dermal penetration and the oral intake. Explained are basic toxicology terms, in relation to pesticides, as exposition, dose-effect relationship,  acute and chronic toxicity, toxic effect, average lethal concentration, sensitivity, allergy, mutagenic and terratogenic effects, as well as definitions for dermal, corrosive, irritant, local effect, systemic effect, cumulative effect, latent period and others.  

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