Module 4.4. Pesticides I. General Issues

Learning Objectives

The aim of this module is to present the basic knowledge of pesticides and to discuss issues of the adverse effects  on human health, as well as on the environment.

Learning Outcomes

After attending this module, students should be able:

  • to consider the transport and fate of pesticides and associated contaminated materials in different environmental media;
  • to  identify the principal sources, emission routes and patterns of environmental pollution with pesticides;
  • to characterize the environmental and human health impacts of pesticide pollution;
  • to distinguish the health effects associated with acute and chronic exposure;
  • to understand the mechanism of action and predict and estimate  risks on the human health;
  • to identify the most suitable methods for environmental sampling analysis;
  • to survey the international conventions, directives and standards concerning pesticide use.

Target Audience

Preferably High Education Students (Bachelor, Master, PhD) in Environmental, Health and Life Sciences and also people working in related scientific research and development fields.

Structure of the module

Module 4.4. Pesticides I. General Issues includes the following units:

 Unit.1. Basic knowledge on pesticides

 Unit 2. Pesticides definitions and terminology

 Unit 3. Pesticides. Historical overview

 Unit 4. Inventories of obsolete pesticides

 Unit 5. Approaches and procedures for legislation of pesticides in the European Union

 Unit 6. Awareness rising of pesticides. International conventions and agreements

 Unit 7. The Dirty Dozen of pesticides. Chemical and toxicological issuesPesticide “Dirty Dozen”. Aspecte chimice și toxicologice

Unit-related reading materials as well as additional materials for further information are linked to every unit.


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